Have you ever sat around wondering how your favorite songs would sound if some night hawks played them in vintage stylings?  Have you ever peeled your ears hoping someone would take your favorite songs to Coolsville with three part harmony? Do you dream of well-dressed strangers playing guitar, piano, and violin challenging your expectations of what a song should sound like to fisticuffs? Well Grab a Moxie, Chill your cats and check out Shady Play!

Shady Play is a Pop Jazz Trio dedicated to eradicating the world of the evil….Okay maybe not so much the eradication of evil doers, but we are good at Dramatic Introductions and putting out some cool vintage arrangements of your favorite songs. Established in 2018 by Ryan Worthy (Guitar), Ryan Caldwell (Piano), and Zoe Cunningham (Violin) Shady Play enthusiastically spreads their covers around the western suburbs and beyond!